Mud Season, Mud Season, Winter, Mud Season

Like most other spots in the Northeast, we’ve enjoyed a relatively mild winter. It did finally arrive and I got to call this place “Narnia” at least twice. This week though, it seems like Spring is ready to arrive and with it, Mud Season. Of course that was two days this week. Then it snowed – the sideways kind given the blustering wind. But it warmed up again the next day and melted some of the snow. Then snowed again that night. Then warmed up again.

Whatever! Nice to get outside and get some work done. TK and I captured a few pictures this week. It can be pretty dreary this time of year and if you ask me when I’m inside amidst the dirt tracked in by the dogs I’ll tell you it’s not my favorite. But there is something about the smell of that first mud that gets you excited for the seasons that lie ahead. This year, we’re even more anxious for warm weather with TK!

Check out what came in the mail that day too!

I LOVE our red mailbox. That's Wheeler Mountain in the back ground.

Tilly...before the ducks knew the cyclone that was about to come through.


'What's this?' asks TK, 'The latest Hoards with the Jersey Judging Class on the cover? Oh! I can't wait!'



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