Misleading Information for the Dairy Aisle, Once Again

I’m on maternity leave. I’m a new mom and have been busy getting the hang of being a new mom and taking care of my baby. I’m also a dairy farmer, together with my husband. I know a thing or two about taking care of cows and the milk business.

I was getting into a routine that included catching the Today Show while nursing my baby. I found most of the stuff on there interesting, helpful and would sometimes share with my husband the info I gleaned from the show.

One morning I shared with him some info that was just plain wrong, and quite frankly insulting to me, to us and our farm.

They were doing a segment on what it was okay to splurge on in the grocery store, particularly during these tough economic times. The first item mentioned? Organic milk. Oh boy, here we go I thought. Each and every point the so-called expert made was exagerrated and/or misleading.

To correct her mistakes:
1. All milk on the shelf in the supermarket is free of antibiotics.
2. All milk on the shelf in the supermarket is free of pesticides.
3. Hormones occur in all living things. Any food you eat was grown because of hormones.

I feel like she may have been nervous, but regardless, the misinformation continues. And in these economic times, it was very irresponsible of the Today Show to make these statements.

As a non-organic dairy farmer, I was insulted. As an informed consumer, I was disappointed.

I’ve stopped watching the Today Show. I’ve got the Early Show on now. I just hope its not just a matter of time before they proliferate non-facts.

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