And So It Goes

A shot of our girls in the pasture from last summer.

Just caught wind of another video released by the Mercy for Animals group. This time they only let the abuse go on for two weeks. I’m being facetious. The abuse should have been reported immediately.

I’m not sure I can watch it, to be honest. I’ve heard enough about it, I get the picture. Besides, I’m carrying a little one myself and don’t think my hormones can handle it right now.

My story with cows, the short version: I fell in love with them as a kid in 4-H and the rest is, as they say, history. My history.

I have to fall back on the intelligence of the general population. I have to know that most are not as easily led as it appears some are. I have to believe that they know that one bruised apple does not ruin the bushel. Yet, it would not be fair to sit back and let the majority only hear one side.

I’m proud of the dairy farmers who step up and share their stories. I’m proud that they have come forward to take a stand against not only those who would seek to bruise our industry, but those who are the real bad apples. There is no room for their misguidance here.

Interested in more? Check out the Ray-Lin Dairy blog. Ray has collected a list of sites by dairy producers.


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5 responses to “And So It Goes

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  3. Scott

    The video is bad, don’t watch it. Just in case you were still wondering. I only watch the first thirty seconds. How much pickax and hammer action on calves does one really need to see?

  4. Absolutely none, Scott!

  5. The world has some very evil people but the world also has Karma. I watched the video and it was obvious the workers didn’t value life at all.

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