My name is Joanna Lidback. This is my second try at a blog. The first one was called “Jersey [Cow] Girl.” While I love the jersey cow and I was sometimes called the jersey girl, I sort of realized I was kind of limiting myself. It just wasn’t the right title for what I want to share. I’d like to write about all aspects of my life which is more than just cows and farming. I have a great family, good friends, a career and fun times. So, here goes.

A little background

I am a 30-something who transplanted to a dairy farm in rural Vermont and now finds herself a farm wife and mom to two beautiful young boys. We milk about 45 cows and have about 50 young stock. I also work an off-farm job and am based from my home. I’m learning more and more each day about being a mom, wife, career woman, dairy farmer, home-maker and becoming more active in my community. It’s exhausting at times but I feel truly blessed.

The views expressed on this site are my own.

5 responses to “About

  1. Joanna, beautiful farm and interesting blog. I just recently started at a ‘second try’ with blogging and it’s starting to pay off. Keep posting! 🙂

  2. Keri

    Joanna, it was great to meet you at the Farm Bureau convention. I will follow your blog and invite you to follow me on Instagram @smother8 and I will follow in your tagging steps and #farmlove and #farm365 as often as I can. Keep growing in all your endeavors. And remember to join Protect the Harvest and spread the good word.

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  4. Joanna, I loved looking at your blog. I can remember when my daughter was young and I was working. Always so much to do. I am from the south and have never been to Vermont so I will be checking back. I recently started blogging and really don’t know much about it. If you get a minute, (right) please check it out. http://www.simplesouthernfaith.com. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

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