I Know Why Mallards Have 12 or 13 Ducklings

The Tillymonster

One word: Tillymonster. Tilly, our littlest but fiercest dog – maybe the fiercest animal on the farm, has found a new pastime and it involves baby ducks. After I swallowed the lump in my throat that had popped up when my DF told me, my first word was, “Seriously?” 

“Yup,” he said, and as if reading my mind as it was pondering how awful that is, “That’s nature for you. I guess that’s why mallards must have 12 or 13 ducklings at a time.” 

Tilly is a farm dog through and through. Buzzman, our other dog, goes along with her most of the time but he is really a big chicken. He knows who rules the roost. These two have taught me a lot – the rules of the pack, pecking order, who eats first, what they eat, a few unpleasant realities of mother nature but also that undying devotion with a look that tells you they’d put it all on the line for you in a second.

Tilly really is a very good dog. When we go on walks in the fields or the back roads she always has you in her sight. She is protective to a fault – too much barking! And at the end of the day, all she wants to do is curl up next to you on the couch. 

Sometimes, though, I do wish she would keep nature to herself!


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4 responses to “I Know Why Mallards Have 12 or 13 Ducklings

  1. Becky Burr-Petro

    Years ago, our dog did the same, but to a nest of turkey eggs. He would run off into the field and then moments later reappear with an egg for me. Drop it on the ground, at which time it would crack open. Thankfull, the hen must have just laid them in the previous day or so as there was only yolk. After the second “retrival”, he was put on a leash. He looked so hurt, but I am sure the hen appreciated it. She waddled through a few weeks later, with a small group of 5.

    • I’m sure the hen did appreciate it! Luckily Tilly did move on to her next, er, victim I guess (a very unlucky mole). I’m sure there are several ducklings left. Probably just moved to a new spot 🙂 Thanks for sharing Becky!

  2. Brother Andrew

    No doubt about it. Tilly is a unique pup. My favorite “Tillism” is how she prevents any thoughtless drivers from passing too quickly by the farm. When she senses they are coming, she positions herself so that the vehicle must come to a complete stop before passing by the farm…kinda like a “Tilly Toll.”

    • Yeah, I love that one too….NOT!!! She IS getting better though. Though it’s taking some briging. So I guess in the end it still is a toll, but I’m the one paying it!

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