Mother’s Day Top Five

Happy Mother’s Day!

I started this post several times today. I wanted to reflect over the past year about becoming a mother, our beautiful son TK, the changes that have come our way and how we have adapted. I felt like what I was writing just kept getting too cheesy, so I canned it but here I am now! I decided to keep it short and simple so maybe I could actually finish it.

Here are five things I’ve come up with on my first Mother’s Day.

1. Time is a-flyin’. He’s been out almost longer than he was in now. He’s doing new things every two days it seems. This week he pulled himself up to stand. He started clapping. He also figured out how to say the “buh” sound. My DF and I are just amazed at how fast it’s all happening.

2. I love being a mom and I feel so lucky that I get to be TK’s mom.

3. There’s a lot of advice out there – a whole industry of it when it comes to giving birth and raising babies. The best piece I got was to keep an open mind. This came up when talking about developing a “birth plan” which I think was so important because you just can’t predict exactly how that’s going to go. And you can’t predict how a lot of other things will go – like sleeping through the night or breastfeeding or naps or childcare. Rolling with the punches is a helpful skill to have when you’re a new mom.

4. My priorities have changed for sure. TK is now the first thing I think of – from the time I wake up to when I put him down at night. I do usually take time for myself to unwind after he goes to bed – writing, reading, staring blankly at some t.v. show that makes you dumber for watching it if you’re not careful. But for many decisions, he is the first consideration for us and rightfully so.

5. Some things are okay to let go. Like yardwork and a cleared-off kitchen table. Or getting your eyebrows plucked (trying to do them myself lately… ouch!). Some things are not okay to let go. Like finding the best childcare option. Or taking the time to watch TK grab a handful of grass for the first time and let it fall through his fingers. Or Daddy’s kisses goodnight. Some things don’t quite seem to matter as much while others matter a whole lot more than they ever did.

It’s tough being far away from the rest of my family, especially on days like today when I know they were all together. But I know I’ll see them again soon. I’m happy to be here, to be raising a family in a beautiful spot on a farm, where cows chewing their cud will be as natural to my son as the grass is green.

Hopefully, that wasn’t too cheesy.

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