Winter Walking in the Woods

The mild weather this winter has certainly been unexpected. Since moving to Vermont I have to admit, I’ve been a little disappointed in Mother Nature. Last year’s winter was certainly colder and we had a lot more snow, but I was still expecting more. I’m not sure why – maybe just because it’s Vermont and that much closer to the North Pole than Massachusetts.

Now that I’ve written it, watch, we’ll have snow through May. (There were snow piles left on the sides of the roads on the south side of the lake through the beginning of May last year.)

Regardless, being couped up inside the house all day and with baby weight to lose, my boy and I have taken advantage by going for walks each day for the past few. It feels so good to get the fresh air on your face!

Morning has broken over the field behind our house.


The view to the west of us.

Ready for the bright snow!



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2 responses to “Winter Walking in the Woods

  1. holly

    It looks like it is so beautiful and peaceful up there! Love the shades picture! Hope you and the boys are well!

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