Do You Know About AFACT?

AFACT stands for American Farmers for the Advancement and Conservation of Technology. Their mission is to “educate, equip and empower all participants in the food chain to understand the benefits of technology and encourage consumers to demand access to high-quality, affordable food with a minimal impact on the environment.” Well, thank goodness!

This week, news broke from Ohio indicating that part of the milk labeling law, that was cast by many as a win for accurate labeling and fair marketing practices with both consumers and producers in mind, had been overturned. Essentially, as I understand it, milk can be labeled as “rBGH-free”, “rBST-free” and “free of artificial hormones.” While other important parts of the law held up, the idea that any of it was overturned is worrysome.

In reading one article about the issue, it reported that more importantly is the court’s acting on information that claimed there were compositional differences in the milk produced by cows treated with rBST vs. those not treated. Didn’t we just see a report about a scientific study that concluded that milk is milk is milk whether its from cows treated with rBST, organically-raised cows, or otherwise?

So I found a handy link to the decision. And I saw that the court accepted information from the The Center for Food Safety regarding the composition issue. Hmmm. Sounds legit enough, no? So I went to try to find the science behind the Center’s information that they provided the court. First, I did not find any science on the Center’s website. Second, the Center for Food Safety is an advocacy group, not a scientific resource. So, holy cow, (no pun intended), are we making laws based on something other than fact-based scientific research?

So, off to I went so I could make sure that I had things straight, sent them my question and voila, I have been enlightened. I then returned to the blog and added my comments, with more confidence.  And another thing – I noticed after my post, a few more dairy farmers stepped up to the plate to add their two cents after being far out-numbered by the ill-informed.

Needless to say I feel satisfied with the whole situation, and am ready for the next.

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One response to “Do You Know About AFACT?

  1. Linda H

    Boy, if truth in labeling were really a concern, I can think of lots labels that are better served with some truth. Like MPCs in protein drinks being suggested as “dairy” proteins, or Kraft having the audacity to promote their products as anything except “Macaroni and .. Something Other Than Cheese”. “Country of Origin” is something we might as well start thinking about before China starts shipping milk powder over.
    As far as basing decisions on other-than-factual research, you’d think that someone in the know would just do a quick google search and get scared or at least skeptical.

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